If anything defines grumpy better than cheap, I don’t know what it is. So this should come as no surprise: I’m not renewing my domain name, Why? Because is free. So look for me there.

The latest GrumpyOldArts content is right here:

The History of the American “High End.”




7 Responses to “Grumpy Landing Page”

  1. So Zickler Says:

    My mom will not advocate this information

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  3. When I view your RSS feed it looks like a bunch of unformatted html, is the malfunction on my end?

  4. Juli Jaksch Says:

    Despite the fact that this subject matter can be incredibly touchy for most individuals, my opinion is that there has to be a center or prevalent floor that we all can discover. I do recognize that youve additional pertinent and intelligent commentary right here though. Thank you!

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    Wonderful job here. I seriously enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you certainly bring a new voice to this topic. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Nicely, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see a lot more of this from you.

  7. website Says:

    Odd , your post shows up with a black color to it, what shade is the primary color on your webpage?

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